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Read specific journals using the Publication Finder

Are you interested in reading the latest issue of a specific journal? 

Use the Publications feature in the UCC Library Search Box to see all journals that are accessible through the UCC Library and read the full text of specific issues. 

How to use the Publication finder (text tutorial)

1. Either browse for journals related to a specific discipline below, or enter the title of the journal you're looking for in the search box and click Search

Journal title search


2. The search results will show you the titles of journals that are accessible through the UCC Library. Click the drop-down menu under Full Text Access to see which dates the full text of the journal is accessible. 

3. Click the link to the database next to the available dates for full text access. 

Full-text access for chosen journal


4. If you'd like to bookmark this page to always link back to this journal, click the Share button and copy the Permalink (or persistent link). This link will always bring you back to this page. 

Get permanent link to journal's page


5. Click on the issue of the journal that you'd like to read.

Available issues in full-text


6. You can now read the full text of the the issue.

Read full-text of the journal

How to use the Publication finder (video tutorial)

Go to the Publication finder

1. Go to the UCC Library website

2. To get to the Publications link, first do any search in the UCC Library Search Box. Type any word and click Search.


3. The search results should open in a new tab. Click the Publications link at the top of the page. 

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