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How to Format Titles in Your Paper Using MLA Style

Q: How do I format the title of a book in my paper?

A: Copy the title as it is written on the book's title page making sure to use Italicized Title Case. (See section 2.89 of The MLA Handbook 9th edition)

ex: Othermindedness: The Emergence of Network Culture was written by Michael Joyce, and first published in 2001. 


These types of materials have italicized titles*: Examples:
Apps Twitter, Spotify
Books & plays Kiss of the Spider Woman, Hamlet
Court cases Marbury v. Madison
Films & Movies The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Journals, magazines, periodicals, & newspapers Media, Culture & Society, Harvard Business Review, The Boston Globe
Music albums or compilations When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, The Ring Cycle
Podcasts & radio programs Serial, All Things Considered
Television or streaming series The Good Place, Good Omens
Video games (but not board or card games) Ori and the Will of the Wisps
Visual and performing arts (do not italicize the type of visual art) We Come in Peace (sculpture), The Nutcracker
Websites Merriam-Webster, Nike, YouTube

* See section 2.107 of the MLA Handbook (9th edition) for a complete list of materials that should be italicized.

Q: How do I format the title of an article in my paper?

A: Copy the title as it is written on the article itself making sure to use Title Case and place the "Title of the Article" in quotation marks.

ex: Melissa Healey's 2019 article in the Los Angeles Times, "Opioid Addiction can be Overcome with Mindfulness, Study Suggests," discusses ways in which individuals are treating their addictions. 


These types of materials have titles in quotation marks*: Examples:
Articles (journals, magazines, periodicals, & newspapers) "It's Not Such a Small World After All: Introducing Older Adults to Virtual Reality"
Book chapters “The Caribbean, or the Feminine Face of Multiculturalism”
Encyclopedia entries "Etruscan"
Episodes of television or streaming series "Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers"
Lectures "The Future of the Public Mission of Universities"
Poems "The Hill We Climb"
Short stories "The Lottery"
Songs & music videos "What a Wonderful World"
Web pages “Central America: Haiti”

* See section 2.109 of the MLA Handbook (9th edition) for a complete list of materials that should be in quotation marks.

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