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Library Services Fall 2020 for Faculty

Please see our Library Services Fall 2020 for Faculty page for updates on our current services.

Welcome UCC Faculty!

Welcome! We at the UCC Library love working with you and your students! Please take a look at the boxes on this page to see what resources and services we offer and contact us anytime with questions! 

Information Literacy Presentations

Schedule information literacy presentations and activities for your online classes!

  • Tailored for your classes and assignments.
  • Zoom sessions + assignments, quizzes, and/or discussion forums to help students digest and practice what they're learning.

Learn more or contact the UCC Librarians to schedule!

Textbooks on Reserve

Place textbooks, books, articles, or audio/visual materials on reserve for your students. Check the list of current textbooks on reserve to make sure yours are up-to-date. If you can't get a copy of your textbook, complete the Faculty Requests for Textbooks/Library by the deadline each term.  Learn more...

Custom Research Guides

Create a customized online research guide for your class!

  • Embed your guide in Canvas so that students can link to it.
  • Add the link to your syllabus and handouts.
  • Easy to update and customize.

Check out our current research guides.

Ready to start? Want to update your existing guide? Complete the Faculty Requests for Textbooks/Library Collection or Contact the UCC Librarians.

Find Journals

Want the full text of a specific journal or article? Learn how.

See how to find out whether UCC has access to specific journal titles and then find specific articles within those journals.

Library Collection Requests

Does the UCC Library have the print and online collections to support your students' learning? Are you unsure of what we have and want to check with us?

Are there web (non-library) resources (e.g, census data) that your students could use for their assignments? Would a library research guide and/or an information literacy presentation teaching them how to search for, evaluate, and use these resources be helpful?

Please complete the form below and we'll follow-up with you!

Faculty Requests for Textbooks/Library Collection

Open Educational Resources

Consider adopting an open textbook or open course materials. 

  • Save your students money.
  • All students have access to the course materials from the first day of class.
  • Students have the choice of print or digital access.
  • Both you and students can retain, revise, revise, remix and redistribute the course material. 

Step 1: Email the UCC Librarians your syllabus and ask them to find OER for your course.

Learn more about OER...

Questions About Copyright?

Do you have questions about copyright, fair use, and the educational exception to copyright (TEACH Act)? 

Learn more or contact the UCC Librarians.

Interlibrary Loan

Request books, articles, and audio/visual materials from other libraries throughout the United States.  Please visit our Interlibrary Loan page for more information.

Library Research Tutorial

Learn how to access the library's resources and how to search the web efficiently. Includes APA and MLA citation guides. Link to the tutorial from your Canvas shells. Library Research Tutorial

Research Help

We are available to help you and your students find resources -- whether from the library or on the web. We can help your students with understanding their assignment instructions, narrowing a topic and coming up with a research question, finding and evaluating sources, reading through the sources to understand them, and citing them in APA or MLA format. 

We can usually be found in the library, but feel free to make an appointment. We are also available by phone or email.


Online Course Support

  • Zoom information literacy instruction + Canvas discussion forums, quizzes, assignments
  • UCC Library Research Tutorial Canvas module
  • Custom research tutorials for your courses
  • Link to research guides
  • Custom research guides for your classes
  • Ask a Librarian discussion forums
  • Link to online articles and ebooks


Link to Online Articles & Ebooks

Would you like your students to read an online article or ebook? Link to articles and ebooks from Canvas. 

Copy a Permanent Link

When you find an article, ebook, or streaming video in a library database, don't copy the URL from your web browser -- this will break.

Always look for a permanent link to copy. Look for permalink, bookmark, document URL, or share. Copy as paste these links into your Canvas course. 



Add a Link to a Canvas Module

Learn how to add a link into a Canvas Module so that it looks like the example below. For example, you could add a link to the Library Research Tutorial. What a good idea! No?

How do I add an external URL as a module item?

An example of an external link (URL) added to a Canvas module

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Except where otherwise noted, content in these research guides is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Creative Commons Attribution License