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Library Research Tutorial: Find Print Reference Books

Learn how to research at the UCC Library!

Find print reference sources

To find print reference sources available at the UCC Library or in the Douglas County Library System, it is helpful to include the type of reference source that you are searching for along with a keyword related to the subject. This is because the type of reference source is usually part of its title.

  • If I wanted to find an encyclopedia related to psychology, I could search for psychology encyclopedia.

  • If you wanted to limit your search results to only sources that were available physically (in print for books, CDs for music, or DVDs for video) in the UCC Library and Douglas County Library System, you could check the box next to Library Catalog under Limit To on the left side of the screen.

  • This book is available at the UCC Library in print. You can find it on the shelf at REF 150.3 E.

  • Clicking Retrieve Catalog Item will bring me to the page where I can see more information about it. Under Item Resources on the right side of the screen,there is an option for you to place a hold on this book.

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