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Reserve textbooks help students

Placing required textbooks, course material, books and film on reserve is a great way to support your students.

This is especially useful during the first few weeks of the term when many students need to wait a week or two for their Financial Aid to come through before they are able to purchase their textbooks.

Students do use them and are very appreciative!

Is my textbook on reserve at the library?

Check our Textbooks, Laptops, Calculators on Reserve guide to see the current textbooks on reserve. 

Make sure that we have the correct edition. If the edition is outdated, please contact us so that we can obtain the newest edition and remove the outdated one.

We need to purchase a textbook to place on reserve


Please use the Faculty Requests for Textbooks/Library Collection form to let us know what textbooks need to be purchased to be placed on reserve for your students. We gather these requests at least a month before the term starts, prioritize them according to expected student usage, and then seek approval to purchase these textbooks from the ASUCC. The ASUCC funds the library within their budget to purchase these reserve textbooks for students. 

Books, Media:

If you would like a print book or DVD to be purchase to be placed on reserve, please use the Faculty Requests for Textbooks/Library Collection form to let us know. These requests can usually be filled through the UCC Library budget. 

Open Educational Resources

Laptops, calculators and more

The UCC Library also has laptops, calculators and other technology/resources for your students to borrow. Visit the Textbooks, Laptops, Calculators on Reserve guide to learn more.

Let's create e-reserves for your students

We hope to provide you with the readings for the first two weeks for your courses as e-reserves in accordance with our Course Reserves Policy.

In order to do this, we need the following at least two weeks before the start of each term:

  • Your physical textbook on reserve at the library.
  • The pages/chapters needed for the first two weeks of readings for your course.

To accomplish this, complete the Faculty Requests for Textbooks/Library Collection form ASAP to let us know:

  • The book that you need (we may need to purchase it if we/you don't already have a copy). If you have a copy that we could borrow to make the e-reserve scans, please let us know.
  • The pages or chapters that you need for the first two weeks of the term.

e-Textbooks from Commercial Publishers

Most publishers do not allow library reserve licenses for their e-textbooks. When considering which textbooks and course materials to select, consider how the format will affect students. If the book is only available in an e-textbook or inclusive access format, the library will not currently be able to provide a reserve option for these students. 

I will place my own copy on reserve

If you have a copy of a textbook, book, media or other material to be placed on reserve, please bring it to the library's front desk at least a week before you would like it to be ready for your students. Please let us know:

  • Your name
  • Course name and number
  • Check-out length: 1 hour, 3 hours, or overnight? (Keep in mind that if an item can be checked out overnight, the item is unavailable to other students in your class during that period.)

I want to place library material on reserve

Library material may be placed on reserve for your students. Contact the library to request that a print book, DVD or other physical library material be placed on reserve. 

Link to online library material

Don't forget that you can link to online ebooks, articles, reference sources, and streaming video. Find the source using the UCC Library Search Box or Online Collections and then add the permalink to your Canvas course so that your students can access it.

Use Permanent Links! 

  • When linking to an ebook or article in a library database, look for the Permalink, Permanent Link, Persistent Link, Bookmark, Link to Share, or Document URL.
  • These links will not break. (Links copied form your web browser will break!)

For example, here is a link an ebook: Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning. Here is a link to a streaming video from Films on DemandElectron Shells: Shedding Light on Atoms.

Early Child Education Term-Reserve Textbooks

The UCC Library houses the Early Childhood Education (ECE) collection of textbooks. These textbooks were funded by a grant for the ECE program. Please contact the library staff directly if you have questions and to keep these textbooks updated and ready for your ECE students each term. 

See the ECE Textbooks on reserve

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