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Business: BA 101: Business Library Resources

Sources for Corporate Report Sections

Your corporate report will have three sections:  

1. Background and history of the corporation.

2. Financial makeup of the company. 

You will find information for the first two sections in the Business Source Premier database and the Business Insighgs Global database. Recommendation: Choose a corporation that you can find information for in these databases.

  • Business Source Premier:
    • Browse Company Profiles. Find a Marketline report for your corporation. You will find information about the background and financial makeup of your corporation. Each Marketline report has slightly different information in it about the company. Look at the table of contents to see what sections it includes.
  • Business Insights Global:
    • Search for your corporation. You will find information about the background and financial makeup of your corporation. It has different amounts/types of information for each corporation.

3. Marketing segment where you research a product that the company produces and come up with a strategy for marketing that product.

  • Business Source Premier:
    • Check your Marketline report -- they sometimes include information about specific products.
    • Use the main search box to find articles about specific products.
  • Business Insights Global: 
    • You may also be able to find information and articles about specific products here.
  • UCC Library Search Box:
    • Search for articles using the product name and your corporation name. You can find news, magazine, academic articles, and books here.

Business databases

How to research for your BA 101 Corporate Report

Find background info

  1. Enter your search terms and click the search button.
  2. If appopriate, narrow your search results to a specific subject. To do this, click Subject under Narrow your search in the box to the left of your search results. Choose one of the subjects below. There is a subject for Business, Finance and Economics.  
  3. Now all of your search results will be from reference books related to the subject that you chose.

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